Monday, April 16, 2018

The Loner

A loner
By isolation

I long
For the lonely

A modern day
Cast out

To have the
Space to hear
The symphony of silence

A loser
With not
Enough selfies

The lilting
Melody of

The scent of
Shame scrabbling at
His throat

The in breathing
scent of

Sitting unseen
On the

To sit unseen
In the tranquility

Of timelessness

Life’s perversity
Hating what
I craved

Life’s perversity
Now craving, what
Once I hated

I originally wrote this poem in column format.  The bold, italicized verses in a second column juxtaposing the verses in plain text.   It is the comparison of growing up as a loser, a loner, feeling isolated and then as a older person craving the silence and the stillness that was attached to be a loner

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