Thursday, March 29, 2018

I woke at 2

I woke at 2
Startled by
The silence
That crept
Into consciousness

And the wind
Held its
Breath, awed
Into stillness
By the silence

I lay motionless
Caressed by
Stillness, waiting

Stars with
Mute disinterest
And cold
Waited as I waited

For my dark lover
To enter and consume
Me, as I sunk
Into the

Saturday, March 17, 2018

This Heart

It’s been around
This heart
Parts stitched,
A tapestry
Woven, still

A tapestry
Of colours
The grey of grief,
The gold of grace,
Passion’s purple
And love?
Its blush?

Now I am
Realising, I have
Crossed the line,
The threshold
Where I crave
The silver
Of silence

That space
Between words
That pause, before
Your kiss
That moment
Of suspense
Before release

Time, stilled
Before succumbing
Into the oblivion
That is not
To silence

In the stillness
Of silence
My heart,
This heart
Beats, in

Friday, March 2, 2018


I am a Libran
Do not forget
Behind my smile
You are weighed

Do not mistake
My politeness
For liking, for
You are balanced

On the scales
Few there are
Who balance them
And fewer still

Who tip
The them
To their favour
And fewer still

Who have
The wisdom
To know
My smile

Is my mask
My social grimace
Behind which
I watch and wait

I am a Libran
I weigh
I wait
While watching