Friday, December 8, 2017

The Wall

The sunlight, dances
On your cheek

You think, I am
Psychoanalysing you

What I cannot speak
Silent must remain

The tremor of
Time warping
Fractures reality
Or is it

Did once
I know you?

Did once, we
Dance with

Cold kiss
Of metal, penetrating
What desire
Could not do

Your fierceness
Unabated, grown
More subtle
Over years

Now you
With words
These walls
Of mine

We waltz
With glances
Heated with
Desire, and
Laugh to cover
Our lust

Where once
Your sword
Slit me
Now words
Undo me

The sunlight dances
On your cheek

While I retreat
Behind this wall
Of mine

What I want to say

Silent must remain.

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