Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mysteries No 2


I was baptized
Fully immersed
Once in faith
Twice in death

The first was
A fantasy
Faith faltering
As droplets dried

Conviction bleeding
Out into guilt.
Guilt grown weary
Withering into
Wistful doubt.

Faith, in its
Going, left
A shadow
But death is made
Of sterner stuff

No sooner had
Your ashes scattered
You grabbed
The waves and
Rolled them back

Immersing me
You embraced me
One last time
Ashes scattered
Ashes inhaled

Your essence
Given back with
Grief to life
Burnt its way
Into me

You came from me
In a moment of love
And in your going
You gave yourself
Back to me

In the water
Life’s circle
Is complete
As I gave you life,
You gave me death

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