Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Since you left

I have learnt
To live
With the dull ache
Of the absence
Of your substance

Where are you now?
Since you left

The reverberation
Of your laughter
In the empty spaces
Of my heart

Where are you now?
Since you left

Still I crave
The sunshine
To be dulled
By your shadow’s

Where are you now?
Since you left

Strong bud
Not fully bloomed
Life forming
Not yet set by
Time’s calcification

Where are you now?
Since you left

Eight years
Have gone by
Since we
Kissed goodbye

You are gone my son


In fluid form
For incandescent

While I
In mesmerised
Stupor, seek
To immortalise
In memory

What I should
Have learnt by now
That beauty

Yet still, with
And a fools folly
I reach out
To touch, to hold

To gaze, while
Beauty flicking
Across his face
Smiles, knowing
My desire

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Words 2017

After so long not posting or writing, it is wonderful to feel the urge once again to write poetry.  The below is a rusty first after such a break to get back into the way of writing.

By lack of use
Collapse into black holes
Of neural spaces

Withered and wrinkled
A prune like kernel
Shrivelled into goat turd consistency

Still…I feel
The tide begin to stir
Seeping through capillaries
The hint of creative ability returns

The silence of survival
Begins to crumble
Once more I feel
His breath

He, who waited
In still silence
Waiting….for me
The muse of words