Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I almost said them!
Those words
Nearly slipped
Like oil, slicked
On a wet street

But not quite
They teetered
In the chasm of
Space between us

I caught them
As I went to speak
Those words
I almost wish
I could say

I do not wish
I could say
Those words
I said
I almost wish

A subtle difference
Granted, and one
You may have missed
A difference that
Almost isn’t

But almost
Is not enough
It is close
But roughly close
Is not close enough

So while I say
I almost wish
An almost wish
Is roughly half a wish

So do not wait
With baited breath
And puppy-eyed longing
In the fantasies
Of your desire

I have grown
Almost content
To wait to see
If love’s tide
Returns to me

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