Friday, July 31, 2015

There is

There is a well
Hidden deep
In a crevice
Of my heart

A deep well
Fed from
The river
Of my tears

A river hidden
Behind the fracture
Of my smile
Do not fret;

My smile
Will not falter
I will listen
To your fears

Your triumphs
I will applaud
While I,
I stand, alone

And I raise my glass
To Veritas
While my tears
Seep into my soul

I will not
Pay the ferryman
To ease me across
Across the Styx

I will dive
Into its currents
Carried by the
Songs of sirens

I will long return
To love, having grown
Tired of searching
For love

David Kernohan

© 1 August 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

We Lay

We lay waiting
For our breath
To wash us back
Into this time
Time we had
The burden
Of our isolation
Eased in our embrace

As we
Lay waiting
I wanted
To ask you
What you were
But that was
An intimacy
Too far

I’ll strip myself
Naked, balancing
Your weight
Blanketing me
But the lightness
Of your thoughts
I cannot bear
It is an intimacy

Too far

(c) David Kernohan 14 July 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

That Kiss

The bed is warm
Where you lay
The indentation
Of our histories
Flattening out
In the cooling air

We held each other
Kissing with the
Angry angst
Of those who
May not
Kiss again

And I wonder
What you thought
As held our gaze
Surfacing for air
But we are men
We do not talk

An illicit affair
By dictionary definition
For you were taken
And I was free
But definitions, don’t
Describe our loneliness

Ah, that loneliness,
That exquisitely soul stripping
Do you blame me?
For that kiss

That naked brief kiss

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I almost said them!
Those words
Nearly slipped
Like oil, slicked
On a wet street

But not quite
They teetered
In the chasm of
Space between us

I caught them
As I went to speak
Those words
I almost wish
I could say

I do not wish
I could say
Those words
I said
I almost wish

A subtle difference
Granted, and one
You may have missed
A difference that
Almost isn’t

But almost
Is not enough
It is close
But roughly close
Is not close enough

So while I say
I almost wish
An almost wish
Is roughly half a wish

So do not wait
With baited breath
And puppy-eyed longing
In the fantasies
Of your desire

I have grown
Almost content
To wait to see
If love’s tide
Returns to me