Saturday, June 13, 2015

Was it

Was It

Was it love?
We called it that
Perhaps because
We thought it was
Or perhaps because
We didn’t have
Another name

Was it love?
These barnacles
Of our irritableness
Against our
Starved skeletal

Was it love?
This fantasy of
Swelling fullness
Played in a major chord
Conducted without allusion
To each other, in halls
Of neural emptiness

Was it love?
I doubt it was
Though not for
Lack of trying
It simply was
The absurdity of
Loves disconnect

Was it love?
The arrow shot one
Not two of us, so for whom
Do we shed a tear?
He who was infected
Or he who missed
Loves infection

© David Kernohan

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Once More

Once more
I take my mending kit
And sew this jagged line
I suture it with tears
Threaded as they fall
Into this heart of mine

The scars are deep
The skin is thin
I’ve learnt my trade
To weave the wounds
To intertwine the pain
And heal this heart of mine

So I smile
And hide the tears
I know you think
My heart is hard
It’s not the case with
This heart of mine

Bank your pity
Spend it not
On me
I have learnt to weave
The light with tears
Into this heart of mine

Healing's triple helix
The sacramental trinity
Light and water 
Mixed with grace
Will mend 
This heart of mine

© David Kernohan

Thursday, June 4, 2015


I had a skin
If truth be told
It was more scales
Than skin

Scales sewn together
From shame
To hide myself
But from myself
I could not hide

Snakes can
Shed their scales
But mine?
They stuck and
Nearly strangled me

We met
We hugged
You said
I looked
So happy

I’d lost
My scales
Perhaps, I’d grown
Into my skin

I was east
Or was it west
Of Eden
In the land
Of no salvation

Yet, there still
Was grace
I’d lost my scales
And learnt to live

As myself