Monday, May 25, 2015


Don’t talk
Don’t speak
Don’t let the words
Tumble out
Don’t tell me

Should I care?
If truth
Be told
I don’t
Don’t talk
Don’t tell me

Don’t think me bad
It’s just your words
Shriek across
My mind
Demanding I care
I don’t

Be silent
Be soundless
Unspoken, unvoiced
Let me drink
Till drunk
On quietness

Let me stumble
Into stillness
Let my soul
Be saturated

In solitude

Sunday, May 17, 2015

She Came

She came
Down the hallway
Of my dreams
Resurrected from maggoty dust
Death had graced her
With her beauty back

In this ethereal synapse
She radiated, the warmth
I could not find in life
Perhaps set free
From maternal obligation
She could now like me

Or maybe death 
Is warmer than life
A voice, not hers said
 “Everything will be alright
Once she had passed
From life”

Symbols undecoded
Traced out in the sands
Of my mind, two hearts
Within a circle pierced by an arrow
Secret hieroglyphics erased
With an eyelids flicker

I wonder why
She would cross the Styx
Perhaps to find some peace
For a restless soul
Though of hers or mine

Is still to tell

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I Wonder

I watch them as they walk by
Hand in hand
Some inane comment
Given depth
By love’s allure
And I wonder….

I watch them as they sit
Mobile phones forgotten
Amazed that eyes
Without speaking
Can say so much
And I wonder….

I watch them as they kiss
Lingering and long
The tender excitement
Of passion’s insistence
Love laced with lust
And I wonder….

I wonder at the route
That brought me to this point
Grown tired of love’s obligations
The poet’s, they don’t write of this
They pen of blossoming or
Unrequited love

The symphony
And the tragedy
But for me
It is the ennui
The tedium
Of love’s obligation

It’s not I can’t love
More love’s heart is
Hibernating, so in this winter
Of my love
I am content to

Wonder….I wonder?