Monday, February 16, 2015

Can you

Can you navigate
The soul’s landscape
Is there a compass
For the heart

Can you map
The inner cosmos
Or measure
Love’s longitude

I’ve trekked through
Many soulful miles
My heart stamped with
Scores of border crossings

I have seen
Love’s volcanic passion
Cool and harden
To stony rage

I have watched
Desire's fecundity
Dribble into the
Desert of indifference

I have known
The solidity of love’s certainty
Crumble in the earthquake
Of hesitant ambivalence

A cartographer
I am not,
Love’s longitude and latitude
I cannot navigate

More the fool
I slip between,
Love’s callous disregard
For maps and laid out plans

And I wonder
As I stumble through
Love’s landscape
Did I get it wrong?

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