Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 2015

She flits with indecent haste
Across times floor boards
As if ashamed
Of new beginnings

Her moments, long
In sensuous sunlight
Slip quickly and pool
Into past days

Is it simply my age?
Times accelerating trajectory
Racing with indecent haste
Blurring boundary lines of moments

Preparing to sling me
Into eternity, for I am
Closer to the beginning
Of the Returning

My days, more
Compressed, compacted
By demands, yapping  
With irritating insistence

Quarrel against
The languid longing
Of desire, to stay
Awhile in this moment

I still enjoy
New beginnings
Pleasure, stroked with the
Wistful knowledge of past endings

But, January has already
Slipped her moorings
While I, I want to stay

A moment longer

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