Friday, July 4, 2014


Life’s fragility
Searing in soft intensity
Breaths insistent repetition
Its constant invitation

To leave
The shadows
To dance in gay abandon
To waltz with love

The shadows call
With cold insistence
To live in the lobby
Of life suspended

Life played in simulation
A requiem danced
Charades of courage
For what might have been

Will I choose
The shimmering simulation
Or will I shuffle into life
Hesitant, cautiously tentative

I will choose
To waltz with love
Though I have to learn
The steps

I will risk this shuffle
The shuffle of life
Danced over the chasm
Of might have beens

In the silence
In the space
Your smile glimmers
From beyond the stars

We will dance
You and me
You beyond the stars
And me?

I will dance
In his arms
For in his eyes
I see ......

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