Sunday, July 20, 2014


Desire is a dance
To be open,
To be seen in the eyes of another.
To be closed.
For our fantasies, 
Our secrets to remain ours

Resolving desire’s dance is challenging
Do we risk opening ourselves
To the gaze of another?
He touched me
With a searing look
As if to find
Some hidden key

A look to penetrate
An inner part of me
A part held under
Lock and key

Rustlings of desire
Slithered through mausoleums 
Of disappointed faith
And despairing hope

But would desire
Unlock the key
I had rusted shut
With unshed tears

Albino secrets
Grown white and blind
Disconcerted by his gaze

Scurry to find some shade

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

As if

I knelt as if to pray
As if I believed

I hoped “as if”
Would be enough

Enough to make
Believe, belief

I’d lived my life
As if

As if
I was someone else

It wasn’t as if
I hadn’t tried

I’d tried to be

It was as if
Myself was not allowed

Did I live my life
As if I’d lied

As if the pain of hiding me
Was planned

I hoped and hid and tried
As if it would be enough

I have had to learn
We do not live

As if we lived
We simply


Sunday, July 13, 2014


There was nothing
Not the nothingness
Of emptiness
Rather nothings fullness
Filled to overflowing

Cascading, pouring through
The mind’s crevices
Expanding into
Unexpected completeness
Nothing that wasn’t nothing

But rather, was complete
Completely silent, while
The question hung, unspoken
The answer heard
In the silence of nothing

Feelings stilled
Captured, condensed
Extracted to its essence
The resonance, reverberating
Circling out into the nothing

It was there,
In the reverberating circle
Within the nothingness
The fullness, the profusion
Of love’s wild opulence

Thursday, July 10, 2014

For Matthew - Five Years Have Gone

 It crept with fluid transparency
Through the geography of my mind
A thought, single, piercing
Shaft of light flung against
Cumulus shadows

Five years have gone
Since he passed
I’ve lived within the shadows
Yet still I love him
That’s what fathers do

I could not keep him safe
My grief, my guilt
Entwined with love
His journey,
His to walk

Though he fell
He fell into love
And falling, his love
Washed over me
His love, fell into me

That single thought?
That shaft of light?
My tears, are they of grief?
Perhaps they are the backwash

Of his love

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I watched its flight
Curled tissue of russet brown
The glory days of
Emerald green long gone

Unrestricted by attachment
It frolicked, dancing
On dying Antarctic winds
Sucking life from ice

But haunted by some memory
Hidden in its dying veins
It paused and hung
To a tree I could not see

Then fell
Releasing once more
Its hold, as if freedom
Was a burden

Its final legacy,
The recollection, that freedom
Is dancing in the haunting

Of burdened memories

Saturday, July 5, 2014


I wait for you
To come to me
In the night
I wait, killing time
Till lights, grown tired
Of tinting shadows yellow
Flicker and fade

I listen for you
The silent tread on,
Arthritic floor boards
I listen for you
To come to me
The feathered whisperings
Of your breath

Some seek love’s passion
Amours, feverish fire
The blinding intensity
Ravaging a soul
Pillaging a heart
Attacked by desire
But I?

I seek you
The subtle intoxication
Of your lips against mine
In the darkness
In the stillness
When unpassed souls
Seek eternity’s slip stream

Come to me
My love
When eternity breaks
On the shore of time
And stars sigh and slip
Before the greying dawn
Come to me

Friday, July 4, 2014


Life’s fragility
Searing in soft intensity
Breaths insistent repetition
Its constant invitation

To leave
The shadows
To dance in gay abandon
To waltz with love

The shadows call
With cold insistence
To live in the lobby
Of life suspended

Life played in simulation
A requiem danced
Charades of courage
For what might have been

Will I choose
The shimmering simulation
Or will I shuffle into life
Hesitant, cautiously tentative

I will choose
To waltz with love
Though I have to learn
The steps

I will risk this shuffle
The shuffle of life
Danced over the chasm
Of might have beens

In the silence
In the space
Your smile glimmers
From beyond the stars

We will dance
You and me
You beyond the stars
And me?

I will dance
In his arms
For in his eyes
I see ......

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Dome of cerulean blue,
The unseeing sky
Painted with the careless
Vibrancy of a new day
Circles me

Circles me with
Grace, uncluttered with care
Vitality’s naked energy
Still unjacketed by anxiety
Breathes into me

Breathes into me
Cloudless air of
Unseen icicles
Piercing sharp intensity
Kissing me

Kissing me
With light luminosity
A particle of sunlight
Shimmering shyly
Greets me

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Sigh

Words failed
Slipped and fell
Into emptiness

The soul sighed
An out breathing,
Exhalation ejaculated
Into silence

Thoughts trickled
Braiding anxiety
Into warped reality

The soul sighed
Supressed murmur
Of longing
Flung into space

Passion suspended
Desire waiting
Listening for

The echoing sigh
Of the Soul
Embracing, captivating
In the warmth of inhalation

Inhalation entwining with exhalation
Breath dancing between the sighing
Satisfying the soul