Friday, June 6, 2014


Love tip-toed
Into the place
Between the breaths
Finding space
In the pause
She made herself
At home

She did not
Come in a rush
More like the
Blush of dawn
A prelude
The hesitant notes
Of an unsung song

Unasked, uninvited
She was not perturbed
She simply sat
And waited
And waited
To be recognised
To be seen

Like a rising tide
She flowed into my life
Irresistibly insistent
Seeping into me
Filling me
I drowned

As love tip-toed into me

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Encrustations of yesterdays
Patterns of habits
Slowly suffocate, while
Constant repetition forms
Holograms of security
Delusions of living, cloistered
In the monastery of fear

Love’s intruding invasion
Penetrates confined forebodings
Disrupting, sabotaging
Habits of reptilian tenacity
Love’s disturbing grace
Shaking scared shibboleths
With careless disregard

The teasing invitation
Of transformation
The tantalising hope
Of difference
Newness birthed in
Love’s explosion
Of potential possibilities

Love’s invitation
To risk, to rise
To resurrect the soul
To shed cosseted security
To shout in affirmation
This is life, my only life

The gift of all I am

The Shadow

He came towards me
Ungainly, clumsy
In his gait
As if too long
He had slept
And had to learn
To walk again

He had slept too long
Hiding in the crevasses
Of my shame, waiting out
The snow storm of self doubt
The blizzard of fear, hoping
To blow itself into spring

Blundering towards me
I froze in fearful uncertainty
How does one greet oneself?
How do you say hello
To fragments of yourself
Phantoms of yesterday
Who haunt my today

I turned to run
Fearful of my fear
But love, took me
By the hand, held me
And whispered in my ear
This is yourself, the other part
The shadow you

We met
This shadow and I
And looking in his eyes
I saw myself as I had been
Another self, yet still the same
Two survivors who had endured

Two tales of one story