Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Take me to the shore

Carry me to the shore
The shore I cannot see
Let me land on land
Let my soul feel the sand

I’ve come from far
Yet not that far
The soil of the other shore
Is still in me

The nights have been long
Too long and dark
The shadows have now
Infected me

I’ve wandered life’s currents
Searched the mysteries of Pleiades
While floating in wonder
As faith drifted from me

Carry me to the shore
I’d like to rest awhile
Carry me to that shore
To feel the ground under me

Malcontent with certainties
I search new truths
Only to grow discontent
Once more….

Once more, I leave
Catching the tide
I leave this shore
And I pray

Grant me faith in currents
Gift me hopeful doubt
Bless me with hesitant love
While you carry me

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


What trickery was used?
To slip under bolted doors
And windows warped with tears
Did the fool in me
Unlock the key?

The key to what, I am not sure
Perhaps to roles, I played
Parts played out in masquerades
Of pallid grins, death masks in
Sarcophaguses of suffocation

Who is this one?
This ragged composite of my fragments
Another role? A recent avatar
Whose ruses rise
To mock the masquerades of past incarnations

Who am I?
Whose certainties are flawed
Pock-marked by insecurities
Wind whipped by ambiguity
Eroded by life’s daily accretions
I am he who lives in
Patchwork palaces stitched with
Isolated molecules of faith
Strung between the stars
A fool prepared to hope

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Now is the time

Now is the time
Of sullen winds
And scudding clouds
Glowering in their gloom

This time of surly discontent
When dying leaves
With mob mentality
Congregate to wither and decompose

It is the time
When pools of puddles
Lie in languid disarray
Shallow mirrors of reflecting grey

This time, when love
With thoughtless haste
Comes bursting through
Untimed, unseasonal, insistent

It is the time, when tender shoots
Of quivering hope and love’s anticipation
Burst with rainbow ferocity
On monastic routines

This time when
Sacred rituals of security
Implode with rebellious disarray
And risk winks in invitation

It is the time
This moment,
The unseen second
That invites me

Yes, now is the time