Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mortals of flawed choices

I listen while
Your breath laps
Against the shadows
Chasing seconds
Then exhaled
Into nights grayness

The edges of life
Softened into
Dark ambiguity
Possibilities unthinkable
In sunlight
Dreamed into reality

Your heart
Sleeping wide awake
Cultures Sentry guarding
Secrets buried deep
Loves painful choices
Made and carried in silence

What tide brought you here?
Into this room
To lie against the
Flotsam of my life
The irony of trajectories
Age and youth

Choices made
As best we could
We have learnt to live
With guilt and pain
Yet may the gods be kind to us
Mortals of flawed choices

Friday, March 28, 2014

Don't say it

Do not say that word
Kiss me with seductive lips
But leave the word unsaid

Kiss me softly
With eyes tight shut
So you can imagine
Someone else

Dance with me
In tangled shadows
Hips in tango
But do not speak

Let’s promise
Each other eternity
With eyes
Tight shut

Silence does not
Break a heart
Suspended in the web
Of love’s spun delusion

It is the single salty tear
That slowly trickles
Into the cracks
That shatters the heart

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shards of Time

Shards of moments
Inconsequential slivers
Of seconds
Slip silently
In some
Invisible stream

Moments chipped from blocks
Of hours
Broken fragments
Too minuscule to gather
They speed away from me
And mock me in their going.

I seek some grand design
Some noble narrative
To gift some purpose
Yet life is simply
Shards of time
Slivers of inconsequential moments

The Search

I searched for love,
I had it once
At least for part of me
Perhaps I was greedy
And wanted love for all of me
The whole and not the half

I made a choice
For truth
Thinking with truth
Love would follow
Yet love smiled
And wished me all the best

Like many men
I’ve looked for love again
Yet Love is coy
It seems some deception
Suits Love best
Rather than the glare of truth

And grown tired of searching
I’ve learnt to accommodate
Our frailties
The vacillating kiss
The touch that has
Not substance

When I slip
Between the folds of time
Into the arms of Love
Will she be kind?
With my choice
Of truth over her

I do not know
All I can do
Is forgive myself
For choices made
With good intentions
And hindsight’s benefits

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I wonder

Water encases me
Presses against me
As if to test
To find some weakness
Where it can flow in

I’ve learnt
To keep moving
Not to let the pressure
Get too great
Just smile and move on

The water chills my skin
I wonder
If by some flaw
I’m cold at heart
A gifted
Frozen grin

People talk long
And hard of love
But few will risk
To swim
The sea of love

And I wonder
As I turn another lap
And glimpse the rising moon
If I’ve done the best
With what I had

It’s easier
To shed tears
In water
So I’ll swim another lap
And I wonder

Perhaps life
Is learning to swim
Through our tears
To glimpse

A rising moon

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Window

Stained glass
Not in beauty
Light reflecting through
Multifarious colours
Rich in hue

Stained with grimy dust
From gritty city streets
The dried smear of rain drops
Desiccated rivulets
Sadness’s shrivelled streaks

I look out
Perhaps it’s truer to say
I look through, this pane
Or is it pain
To other lives

At odd moments
Here and there
More by surprise
Than by design
Light glints through grim

I rest my head against this pane
And feel its coolness against
My pain….I see your head
Against your pane
Feeling its coolness against your pain

Through our dusty, grimy panes
Perspectives of our pain
And the dried smears of former tears
Light glints through the grim

Beauty found

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


It was the sudden movement
That caught me by surprise
White on light
A blink and it was gone

Yet in my memory it was there
The curve of white
Luminous as a slivery moon
Slipping into breaking day

Am I hallucinating light?
Figments of imagination breaking apart
Rationality stretched into improbability
Have I reached realities edge

Perhaps all I saw
Was white on light
A scientific phenomenon
Deduced, defined

I’m not a man of faith
Doubt is more my style
Yet perhaps …..

White on light
The curve of white

Was ...could be....may be...
Possibly ....something else

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Heat

The heat is now plain vicious
Internecine fighting amongst itself
Ferociously hunting the trickle of sweat
Escaping into my eye

It’s the fag end of summer
Flirting is reduced to a smile
And small talk on the virtues of fans
To try and be cool

A night of passion
Is holding a cold drink
And trying to find a breeze
Like a date, to cool the skin

It’s the time
When skin has grown an extra layer
Of sweat, sunburn cream
And fly saliva

And towels are crusty
From smearing the skins extra layer
To other bodily parts
While clogged pores whimper for fresh air

Stores stock winter clothes
Dummies wrapped in cashmere sweaters
The folly of faith
I know I should believe

Yet between
Faith and March heat
March heat
Sears my faith