Friday, February 7, 2014

The Track

It was a track
Marked by being
A bush track
Like bush tracks

It was that hour
After lunch
When birds
More sensible than I
Siesta in the heat

Even insects
Hide beneath the leaves
And go to sleep
But I still had a way to go
As I walked that track

I found you
Standing in the shade
A shadow in a shadow
You smiled, and fell in step
As we walked that track

In dappled light, I watched
The shadows play
On your arm, the hairs
Cinnamon golden brown
Your laughter, warm and deep

Fingers lightly entwined
I turned
And you were gone
An empty hand was all I had
When you left me on that track

Were you a lover?
Or a friend?
I’m not sure
It was too brief
But I still look for you

A shadow in the shadows
On the track

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