Friday, February 7, 2014

No Room

The census was a few years ago
There’ll be another soon
It helps the Government know
There is no room

No room in our land
For compassion
Though plenty of room
For greed

We mine it
We frack it
Deforest it
Drill it

But no room
For pity
Our borders are closed
As closed as our hearts

Dry and dusty
Denuded of care
Deforested by fear

Stables for Illegal’s
Behind barb wire fences
Human misery penned inside
Fear imprisoned on the outside

We process our fear
By labeling them other
Our policies are right
For they are Illegal’s

But they are the sons
Of mothers and fathers
They have loved and are loved
Just like us

Where is our compassion?
Is it towed out to sea?
Cast adrift in a life boat
To go somewhere else

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