Saturday, February 22, 2014

In Memory of Reza Berati

What was your final thought?
When breath took its leave
Did you see blue sky?
Above barbed wire
And as you took your leave
Did the irony strike?
You were finally free
Yet what a cost!

As your heart slowed
Did you see your father’s eyes?
And see your mother’s tears
You, young man whose spirit
Slipped through barbed wire
Above the noise and fear
I hope you heard,
You are a son; a much loved son

While suits with blue ties
Avert their eyes
Their tongues dipped in oil
Slide over inconvenient truths
And well greased hinges
Shut the door, and
Mirrors blackened to prevent
Conscience being seen

We, the people will remember
A son, like our sons
Sons who seek life
We will remember a man
Who lost his life behind barbed wire
And we, parents who have lost our sons
We will stand with your parents
And cry their grief

You are gone
But not forgotten.

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