Sunday, January 12, 2014

Prayer is hard

Prayer, petition,
Appealing, entreating
Asking, requesting
Theoretically it should be easy

The religious never speak
Of how hard it is to pray

First you need faith
I’m told a mustard seed size
Will do
Yet I?

I haven’t had faith
That size

I’m not sure
What I should ask
What should my entreaty be?
Should it be for me or you?

I can’t quite
Make up my mind

Then I’m told, my desire must
Be in line with God or the gods
Yet I’ve found the God/s obtuse
On the nature of desire

It’s a fickle area
More societal than divine

God is supposed to know
Just what I need
This is great for God
But not so good for me

For I am still perplexed
Though I’m clear on what I’d like

Prayer is hard
Too much like hard work
I think I’ll rest in silence
For a while

And in the silence
I might hear a prayer

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