Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Clouds, whimsical
Drawn long
Wispy as
Angels breath
White vapour
Instead of wings

Sun’s light fingers
Scrabbles amongst
The leaves
Seeking a foothold
To hide
Throughout the night

Fed up
With cloying heat
Shimmering shake
Light evaporates
Falls into shadows

With a sigh
A quiet slipping
Clouds and light
And in the space

Evening creeps

Monday, January 27, 2014

Come to me

I saw my lover
Standing in shadows

I called to him
The door is open
My heart is unlocked

The bed is lit
With the moon’s delight
And warmed with love’s heat

Come to me
My lover

Lie next to me
Let me delight you with kisses
Let your scent intoxicate me

Let my hand trace your thighs
Let me feel your heat
Let me cradle you tonight

We have time
There is no hurry
I will hold you tonight, my lover

As the moon dips
And eyelids close on blue pools
I will keep watch of you

Let me gaze into your eyes
Let our bodies
Dance together

Too soon, too soon
Day comes
Come to me, my lover, tonight


Those of you who have read what I have written earlier will know I come from a religious background and was a minister of religion.  I always find it amusing that in the Bible there is the Song of Solomon, an intensely erotic piece of writing that largely gets ignored or sanitized by being treated allegorically.  I think, generally we are more prudish than God is about sexuality and sensuality.

This piece is both an attempt to write of love in the style of the Song of Solomon and to push my boundaries.

Like many pieces of poetry it has its basis in a real person.  I hope it makes him laugh, even as he has brought laughter to me.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


I love a man
I’ve never seen

I’ve learnt his laugh
His accent is in my mind
I do not know the colour of his eyes

They say
I am a fool

I do agree,
Yet his voice
Makes me smile
Is that so wrong?

Forgive me
But not for love

I should know better
But my heart is gone
God you know
What it is to lose your heart

Have mercy,
You were a fool for love

Forgive me
For my wrongs
But not for loving a man
I have not seen

And if you answer prayers
And are a fool for love
Then answer mine

A simple prayer is all I ask
Let me hold him in my arms
Let me see the colour of his eyes
And feel his lips
Welcome me home

Saturday, January 25, 2014

What will you do?

What will you do?
When life grows stale
And energy is sapped
By boring routines
And safety is now
Your prison

What will you do?
When love grows cold
And hearts are fragile
With pain
When memories are all
That is left

What will you do?
When the acid of disappointment
Eats into your bones
And you taste the
Bile of discouragement
That what you thought was, wasn’t

When will you do?
When your heart breaks
And the pain of life
Seems to much
And tears are all
You can taste

What will you do?
For the winter
Of your soul will come

Don’t fret
Be patient

When the heart breaks
There is still mystery of light
Behind shadows
Through the tears
There are rainbows
That can be seen

Though love has grown cold
In the winter of your soul
It is not dead
It is only resting
Soon it will surprise


A scrawny frame
For an army coat
The symbol of
Disciplined conformity, subverted
To despairs silent scream

Truck cabins
Tired from daily work
Fought over for the night
Driven with different gear sticks
Fogged with lusty heat

And levees
And the song
Of chevees and levees
And I remember
I cried when I heard

But God above was not concerned
This scrawny teenager
Wasn’t in His plans
For world redemption
Collateral damage is what it’s called

The devil and I made a pact
He would not tempt my lust
And I gave him my skill
To love
Quid pro quo

Misery redeemed
A lighted hearted disciple
Of Winnie the Pooh
Devotion manifested
In weekly readings

Would I write a
Book of love
Of what I gained and
What I lost
By the levees of Kerang

I changed my army coat
For conformities uniform
I joined God’s army
After all, the devil and I
Had a pact

But I was not
The conforming type
World redemption too grand a theme
I had to find what I had lost

By the levees of Kerang

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Untitled 23 Jan 14

Thoughts and senses from our past
Packaged safely in obscurity
Hidden in unmindful shadows
Sleepers in position
Creep past border guards
In uniforms of logic and rationality

Oblivious to our infiltration
Convinced we are as clear as day
We trust in our own defences
Assured of our correctness
Certain we are right
Our barricades are manned

Yet when the sleepers detonate
And our lives are pockmarked craters
Will the borders guards
With their uniforms
Of logic and rationality
Grant us security?

The fool would say
Away with your defences
Take a risk
Trust life
The craters are simply
Holders for life

Perhaps the fool is right

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Moon

Between branches you hang
With hesitant boldness
In the spaces of the leaves
You kiss me
With audacity

Faithless lover
Kissed all day
With blazing heat
Now in the darkness
You fondle me

I wake to your
Unblinking stare
And watch you tattoo
My skin with light
Unfelt caresses

You rouse me
With your coolness
Taking unfair advantage
Of lunar passions
You draw me to yourself

You’ll fade and pass
I know you must
But one thing
I will ask, leave me

The lunacy of love.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Insubstantial, variegated
Shadow players
Transforming what we speak
Into patterns
Motifs of memories

Inflected worms
Blighting, withering
The budding soul
Or wormy chrysalides
Birthing magnificence

Paint brushes
We use to paint
The memories
Of our soul

And painting words on words
We fill the abstracts
Of our lives
Hoping to give them shape
And some meaning

We must stand back
To see in variegated shadows
The motifs
In the abstract pattern
Of our life

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Reflections in the Mirror Looking Back


I remember the ice
Blue white, so cold
A slab, it took
Two of us
You and me
To carry it home

No purpose
To our venture
Other than we could
For a brief time
You were unleashed
To play with ice

Soggy mittened fingers
Blue with cold
Our laughter kept us warm
As home we trudged
That blue white slab
A bond between us two

A bond long melted
Just like ice
Thawed by tears of icy rage
I could have grown
To like you
When God unleashed you

To play with ice

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Between Foot Falls

There is a moment
Between my steps
A pause suspended
Before my foot falls

An interlude when sunlight
Cascades through leaves
Beams fragmented into
Golden tears

Bird song ascending
Stops, an interval of silence
To ascend again
The flawless scale of song

In this space
Of falling
Before my foot falls
Let me fall too

Let me falls upwards
Let me tumble into
This moment of completeness

As my foot falls


Whiteness greets me
Cursor blinks incessantly

Waiting, hypnotic
Winking, teasing

Bubbles of words
Float then burst

In neural dust

Gametes of ideas
Waiting to be fertilised are aborted

I sit
Waiting for something

The clock, the only sound
Marks time

Ticks lacerate stillness
Time compacted to a tock

Stillness waits
For the clock to stop

The screen waits,
I wait, stillness waits

The trinity of us

Possibilities poised
Waiting for….

The clock ticks

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Prayer is hard

Prayer, petition,
Appealing, entreating
Asking, requesting
Theoretically it should be easy

The religious never speak
Of how hard it is to pray

First you need faith
I’m told a mustard seed size
Will do
Yet I?

I haven’t had faith
That size

I’m not sure
What I should ask
What should my entreaty be?
Should it be for me or you?

I can’t quite
Make up my mind

Then I’m told, my desire must
Be in line with God or the gods
Yet I’ve found the God/s obtuse
On the nature of desire

It’s a fickle area
More societal than divine

God is supposed to know
Just what I need
This is great for God
But not so good for me

For I am still perplexed
Though I’m clear on what I’d like

Prayer is hard
Too much like hard work
I think I’ll rest in silence
For a while

And in the silence
I might hear a prayer

Friday, January 10, 2014

Yet Words

Yet words
They are

The skeleton
On which we hang
Our dreams

The clothes
That cloak
Tumescence desire

The echo
That keeps
My heart warm

The candle
That ignites
Blazing hope

The tethers
That bind
Our souls together

The kisses
Standing in place
For your kisses

Speaking in Silence

Words spoken
Miss the mark

Good intentions
Give them wings

They fly towards
Yet fall far short

Dashed in
Unheard currents

Words point
To describe

Explanations multiplied
In thermals of confusion

Teach me
The language of silence

Let me learn the alphabet
Of soundlessness

Let me talk to you
In the still spaces of our heart

In the unheard currents
I will speak my love

There between the beating of our heart
My love with find its mark

Poem after listening to Thomas Tallis - Spem in Allium

Sung in harmony
Beauty transformed
Into sound

Sung in haunting melody
Notes of diaphanous clarity
The heart cannot contain

Angel voices rise
Swell in lilting melody
Dark matter illuminated

Crystal notes
Ethereal whispers ascend
In harmonic crescendos

Angelic harmonies
Sublime translucent trills
Entwined with human voices

Vaulted cathedral roofs
Cave in and bow
Before the sound

This aching beauty
This haunting melody
Of light crystallised in sound

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This Note

Poem from learning the flute


Flute blown
The note of B
Fully resonant
Crisp, distinct
Not sharp or flat
Just B

When my quavers waver
And my C’s have
I come back
To B
And let it be

When E’s
Refuse to split
The lower wheezes
The higher slips into D
I leave my E’s
And come back to B

It may be trite to say
But triteness has some truth
It is easier to be
Than play another’s note
For my note
Is neither sharp nor flat

The other truth is true
It takes some time
To learn your note
To be yourself
Fully resonant

Neither sharp or flat

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Whispering

The leaves
At yawning days
Cold breath
And whispered
As they shook

The rose
Tight budded
Over came her fear
Stretched a petal
And whispered
As she uncurled

The light
Sensitive to its own
Illumination, took time
To adjust to its brightness
And whispered
While it waited

And I stirring
Among tousled sheets
Try to embrace
Misty scraps
Whisperings of
Disappearing dreams

The whispering
Still comes to me
Its echo is within me
Is it me calling you?
Perhaps it’s you calling me

A Love which has no name

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Evening

Day is dying in the west
Evening is touching earth with rest

The echo of old hymns
Still seep into my mind
The tuneful fervency of
Blind belief

Blessed assurance
Jesus is mine

Assurance was more
Assuaging the fear
For Jesus was not mine
He was with someone else

Just as I am
Without one plea

Oh I pleaded
It was no use
And just as I am
Was never good enough

For grace has brought us safe thus far
And grace will lead us home

I left home long ago
I’ve wandered far
Unlike the prodigal
I’ve not returned

I have only learned
I’m good enough
What would I do?
With blind belief

Yet, sometimes
On Sunday evenings
When evening is touching
Earth with rest
And the echo of the past is heard

My soul is wistful
For the blind assurance
Of my youth

The certainty of home

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Would you?

If you had no hands
Would your eyes caress me?
If you had no hands
Would your eyes undress me?

If you had no tongue
Would your eyes sing of our love?
If you had no tongue
Would your eyes speak of your love?

If you had no lips
Would your eyes kiss my soul?
If you had no ears
Would your eyes intently listen to me?

Would your eyes make love to me?
In dark pools of our reflection
Would your eyes hold the stars?
Pin points of hope and ecstasy

Would you hold me in your gaze?
When I ride the wave of passion
Would you hold me in your eyes?
When we are spent

Would you allow me?
To gaze into your eyes
To see into your soul
To see the beauty you hide

Would you allow me?
To draw your beauty out
Would you allow me?
To caress you with my eyes

Behind the veil

I see you
Yet do not see
I hear
Yet do not hear
I reach to embrace
And hold a shadow

For you have gone
Breath stopped
Startled by the ethereal beauty
Of radiant light
That casts no shadow
Behind the veil

I have been deafened
By silence
The silence of the other place
Some slipped through
When you went
Behind the veil

Now you cast
No shadow
And I, behind my veil
Reach once more
To embrace the silence

Of your memory

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Your voice

Your voice

You spoke
Birthing hope
The seismic shock of
Anticipations creation
Heard in your voice

You spoke
Between the spaces
Submerged, unseen
The dry husk of salt tears
Heard in your voice

You spoke
Words, winged
That soared
On winds of love
Heard in your voice

You spoke
The mountain heard
And gave you her strength
Words of conviction
Heard in your voice

You spoke
And in your words
I heard you call
I heard you
Say my name