Thursday, December 26, 2013

Scattered thoughts on a morning walk

Treading on foot prints
Shallow indentations of another life
The lightness of impressions
Washed and swept away

The waves dressed
In curvacious cerulean
Curl in sensuous

Seagulls strut
In confused anxiety
At the smorgasbord of
Bloody, sandy, fishy remains

The waves curl and crash
Rushing to embrace the shore
Orgasmic power spent
Absorbed into nothing

Salt and ashes
Scattered then returning
In baptismal surprise
Your soul inhaled

The waves, the cycle of returning
Remind me of mine
The lightness of my light
Washed and swept away

Till then, take my love
Sent to you on the current of the wave
Let sweep around you, baptise you

Embrace you

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