Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Rays of sunlight
Cobwebs of yellow thread
Spun in the galaxy
Drizzle through sticky corners
Where restless dreams
Linger on the fuzzy borders
Of my mind

The breeze, ditzy in its blustering
Undecided whether to have
Cold chills or fevered heat
Wraps and unwraps itself around me
While I salute the sun
Raise chi and pretend
I’m younger than I am

Kookaburra’s needing
Breakfast meat
Raids a parrot’s nest
Sunbeam fractured with a shadow
Nature’s mercy, a random choice
Life unfairness not based
On meritocracy

Morning ritual of baptismal showering
To purify the body if not the mind
Flotsam of suds and decaying cells
Coarseness smoothed with a razor
Persona of a civilised man emerges
Resurrected from a more primal layer

Brought back to face the day

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