Friday, December 20, 2013


We would not re-crucify God
We would not nail Him to a cross
The death penalty has been outlawed
Modernity has progressed

Now we nail God in a box
The box of our ideologies
Convinced we have got it right
We need look no further

When God is in your box
You’re right when you’re convinced your right
Unless of course
You’re wrong

God may have slipped out
The supreme magician
Leaving you the box
As a coffin of your certainties

Convinced enlightenment
Is in the light
We neglect our shadows
Grown putrid from abandonment

The shadow of our grief
Suffocated in shame
We have not healed

The shadow of our rage
Choked in civilised smiles
We are not angry, just upset

The shadow of our loneliness
Transformed into hunting for another prey
To satisfy our eternal longing

And God, withdraws
Content to let us learn
Enlightenment is not in the light
It is simply

Our darkness transformed

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