Saturday, December 7, 2013

And yet

Be sensible
Be sane
Don’t let love creep in
And yet

Distance separates
Logical dictates
It would not work
And yet

Keep at friendships distance
Do not come too close
The heart cannot sustain
And yet

And yet
The echo of your voice
The pauses you make
Reverberates within my heart

And yet
Emotions subvert what
Logics dictates
Love knows no distance

And yet
Will you hold me?
Will you gaze into my soul?
Will my heart leap to hear your sound?

Yes, oh yes
It leaps
And yet
Can I ask this of you?

No, I cannot ask
Love cannot be asked
It can only be given
And yet

And yet
Yet I hope
That within your heart
You will find a space

A little space
Is all I need
A letter, a word
If it is to much

To much to ask
If it is
I understand

And yet

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