Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Macca's Daily Bread

Give us this day our daily bread
Prayer answered with card or cash
And number on a screen
Will tell you when the answers ready
The daily bread is fast

Canned music
Sad and desperate
The wailing of love
Unsatisfied and unsatisfying
As plastic as the cheese

Young love
Sits, chewing chips
Kisses tasting of
Cheap lube, passion
Clogged with deep fried fat

Fingers licked, sucked hard
Foreplay’s erotic teasing?
Not here, just desperations
Hard obsession to be fed

Mothers exhausted
Hope long slipped into fat
Feed children fast food
So they can quickly return
To houses of boredom

Children disappear into
Plastic birth canals
Mothers sit, dead eyed
Hoping for another chance
Amongst the plastic food

Deep fried boredom
Served by youths
Bored with serving
Adults bored with life
All seeking fast relief

From boredom
We feed our boredom
On unsatisfying
Daily bread, then

We return to boredom

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