Friday, November 8, 2013

In between

It was the half smile
A smile in the shadow
Half seen, half covered
Neither scowl nor smile
Somewhere in-between

It was the slight grimace
Not quite a glower
The narrowing eyes
Could be either laughter
Or a frown

It was the slight pause
The swallowed reflex
The in between, before the words
The recess to rearrange
Their order

It was
In between  love and hate
Though he wished for
That he knew

Words of love
Emptied of meaning
But full of sound
He knew the cadence
Could hum the tune

Human hands
That touched without
Touching, blind eyes
Absently, without interest
Tracing his outline

Hatred, he understood
It was the in-between
That bothered
The neither space
He could not read

When words were spoken
With an intonation
Was it love?
Was it hatred coated?

Or was it in-between?

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