Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2 O Clock

It’s 2 o clock
Two after midnight
When the mind
Catalogues, in
Dreamy Dewey irregularity
Downloads and dumps
Important trivia
Into neural filing cabinets
Never accessible
When needed

It is the hour
When system failure
Can occur
The hard drive expires
As breathe exhales
And recovery
Is not an option
But tonight
At 2 o clock
I lie awake

The world
Outside my window
Is draped
With blackout grey
Trees unused to their new look
Branches lopped into
Short back and sides
Stand grateful
For shadows to hide
Self conscious nudity

A conductor, myself
Conducting my breaths
1,2,3 in; 1,2,3 out
A silent symphony
Serenading sonata
Waiting for sleep
1,2,3 in; 1,2,3 out
I’m still awake
Silence wraps around me
Doona like

My mind
Scurries down a track
Takes a left
Scurries some more
Does a U turn and
Doubles back
A mouse under the
Floor boards of
Breaths symphony

1,2,3 in; 1,2…


  1. Perfect depiction of a sleepless interlude

    1. thank you Yolanda, yes I've been having a few of those lately! :-(