Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Young man

I passed him in the street
Sitting in warrior pose
Surrounded by his tools of trade
Lap top and mobile

White shirted
More sail upon the mast
Of his lithe body
A body still lean
From concentrating
On growing up

I turned
He was behind me
Stalking me
As if prey
Or was he praying
Behind the confessional
Of his sunglasses
He didn’t know

He paused mid step and
Lost his poise
His face storm clouded with
Baffled bewilderment
Uncertain what to do
He resorted to his mobile phone

Miniature shield
The +30 UV protection
From the glare of
Human interaction
The deity whose
Rings and tones
We bow before

I left him
Eyes downcast, waiting the force
Of his electronic shield
A shadow of
Hopeful baffled bewilderment
He is still learning

Shields do not protect
From shadows

They have their own force

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