Friday, October 18, 2013

The Lying Kiss

It was given
In the dark
A sultry seductive hint
A touching
Emotions extracted
An essence of promise

He did not speak
Content to let
The warmth of his mouth
Ignite a thought
Was it a lie?
That he did not speak

Or was it more
That I, a joker
Against this knight, missed
Hard eyes that would not give
Hardened and cracked
By disappointment

The kiss beneath
His lips, grew cold
Extract of bitterness
Was all that was left
And a joker
Less naïve

Perhaps he lied to himself
Hoping in the constant repetition
Of kissing nondescript
Unnamed strangers
He would find one to
Name and hold


  1. Really beautiful poem, felt very raw and I could feel the emotion.

    1. Thank you Alice, appreciate your comment. Warm Regards, David