Thursday, October 24, 2013


The comment
Sharp as a paper cut
Surgical precision to
Slice the filaments of
Self confidence

I’ve learnt to laugh
Diverting my gaze
From watching
Self assurance
Ooze onto the floor

It doesn’t hurt so much
When you laugh, the
Bloodied mess of self assurance
Knifed by those who say
They loved me best

Infanticide can be subtle
Life killed in so many ways
The cutting comment,
The hard edge stare
So laughter, is what’s important

You cannot laugh and cry
Though you may laugh till you cry
And well may you cry
For self-confidence’s death
Is a slow drawn out affair

Laugh, remember to laugh
While memory needles with many thorns
And you wait for
The resurrection of self confidence

It takes longer than three days


  1. So true! How often a friend chooses a comment simply to get a laugh, inconsiderate of the damage they're doing to the butt of the joke, but we just laugh along because it's worse to let them see the pain caused. Your "musings" have such insight - thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading and your comment V.A. Marchi. I appreciate your thoughts. Have a great day and warm regards