Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Presence at Breakfast

I saw it fall
Before I felt it

It fell in the space
Between your words

Somewhere between God and God
Past’s phantom in the present

Cross breakfast’s remnants
The cup, the plate

No last supper
The days first break of fast

It slid through glass door
Ray of light reflected on the floor

Light split into rainbowed brilliance
Divine comedy of past promise

Or just the scientific result
Of reflected light through glass

In the space between your words
In slant of rainbow light

I felt shadow’s weight
Of yester year

The time when hope knew
When faith was sure and certain

Once I grieved for what had been
Now it’s more an inconvenience

A niggling scar
Reminding me of what I’d been

Restless in remembrance
Yet with no desire to return

Besides there’re angels there
To bar the way from going back

The angels know

There is no return

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