Friday, September 6, 2013

Frustrated Woman

She rose from whoring in her sleep
Cold sweat from fetid dreams
Flesh hot
From secret kisses

Beside her, her man
Slept content
Having with indecent haste
Satisfied his desire

A spurt, he thought
Made him a man
To her an object
Of contempt

Her orgasmic rage
She rose
In discontented hate

Dressing as a spider might
In lace
A web to catch a man
With blousy breast

Fish net tights
To hold scattering thighs
And boots
To grind him down

She hunted and prowled
Seeking a man to kiss
To warm her lips
With human flesh

Vicious, she flexed red talons
And spat with ferocity
The rage of menstrual cycles
Indignant at the failure of her flirting

Raised her voice in desperation
And sought the gods
To grant her oblivion

From the prison of conjugal frustration

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