Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fragments of Beauty

Perhaps beauty
Is easier to create
When cut from solid rock
Muscles hewed
Curves carved
The creation is proportioned
To perfection

People are less malleable
Less solid than rock
Skewed by blood and bone
Proportions are more elaborate
Lines less inclined to perfection
Curves sagging conspire
To confound beauty

Yet beauty hides
In living fragments
Shy, suggestive and subtle
The sinewy strength of
An arm at rest
Hairs glinting
Cinnamon brown

The beauty of eyes
Unveiled by sudden openness
The recognition of our humanity
Reflected back to us
The gentle curve of lips
Slow sensuous wave breaking in
A smile that lights

While I admire perfection
I prefer fragmented beauty
Beauty less proportioned
The exquisite allusive cracks
Through which with subtle grace
Beauty infiltrates and saturates

With tender touch

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