Sunday, September 29, 2013


The battlements are still
Defences resting
From defending
Fortifications stand idle
Surprised at the silence

Time and energy
So much fear
Spent in building
Safeguards for protection
Yet the Trojan horse
Was already within the walls

A Trojan horse
Birthed not built
The gift of myself
And not from another
My bequest, my
Perverse blessing

The battle is always
Lost from inside
Barricades built
Carefully to deflect
Now disintegrate
Splinter and decay

Propaganda, propagated
Self-believed, disingenuous fabrication
Falters and falls in silence
Defences, now monuments
To a historical version
Of what had been

Yet the blessing’s gift
Is straightforward
No monuments required
No defences necessary
It was what it was
Simply that

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