Monday, September 2, 2013

Angels Breath

Tide of silver vapour
Exhalation of angels
Who wander through the night
Who’ve roamed too far from heavens gates
Too far, to find the light
Yet hoped to slip between man’s dreams
And in between two times find home

With angelic distraction
They prayed
Imploring supplications
That from the vale of concrete cathedral
They would find celestial gates
Yet desperate supplications
Rose misty white

No gates, no dreams
They walk the darkness of man’s night
And sing songs of wistful longing
The outpouring of their grief
Turns the world foggy white
Space compressed, reduced
Sounds dulled in muted grief

Hung in space
Casting its spectral glow
Turning matter into shadows
And shadows, ghostly reality
Brief ethereal witness

To another reality

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