Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Swim

I swam in the lake
The lake of fire
While nymphs sang my damnation
I entered your waters
Your heat fired my skin
And warmed its surface

Unclothed and naked
Aroused I entered
I swam in the lake of fire
Embraced by your waters
Waves slurped and slapped
At my frame

I floated on the surface
Of the lake of fire
You surrounded and held me
With watery kisses kissed me
You entered me and
Fed my desire

I was baptised in the lake of fire
Naked, aroused I submerged
Into the depths
Baptised into the trinity of
Anger, rage and desire
I rose with fire in my eyes

I drained my damnation
In the cup you provided
Phoenix in resurrection
I rose from the lake of fire
And dammed I may be
But living, I’ll live with fire in my eyes

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