Monday, August 26, 2013

River's Boundary

Brown muddy waters
Lying sluggish
Pools of desperation
Smell of stagnation and decay

In its season it rises in majestic pride
Sweeping chaos before its regal force
Cleansing, fertilizing
Life giving waters

Now exhausted, spent, fetid
Dancing ponds for mosquitoes
Fish preferring hooked quick death
To slow interminable suffocation

Slow dying, drying river
Out the back of beyond
A boundary between
This state and the next

The state of sanity
Grimly held too
Amongst fetid state of
Home’s perpetual suffocating

The boundary between
God’s day of rest, and
Human need for friendship
Human touch won out

Punished by mosquito bites fever
Having transgressed the boundary
For God, a jealous God prefers
Obedience than human friendship

Though for years
He lived within the boundaries
Finally, a recidivist

He transgressed the boundaries.

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