Friday, August 16, 2013


Bound in bonds
Self spun
Cocooned by convention
Conforming with compliance
Comatose in our daily routine

Routines of repetition
Imitation of life duplicating
Then replicated into tedium
Convinced we are living
We sleep in oblivion

Oblivious to our stupor
Our rock hard insecurities rolled
Into place, secure in our sepulchre
Content to decay while
Deluding ourselves we live

Waiting for a lifetime
For Gods to rescue us
We pray our servile obedience
Has been good enough
To grant us some reward

We look outside for recompense
Some reimbursement for our insecurities
We are the heroes of our inferiorities
Convinced our smallness makes us grand
Imposing corpses impersonating life

Yet life is the risk we take
When we resurrect ourselves
And step beyond or
Step into

To the beyond
Our insecurities
Our tedium and our boredom
We step into the

Possibilities of our life

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