Monday, August 26, 2013

Railway Stations

Platforms, so many
In one lifetime
Places of leaving
Saying good byes
Always hoping to arrive

Short junctions between
Here and some place else
Hoping to arrive there
Still learning how to leave

Leavings truncated
By grief curtailed
The religious rituals of goodbye
Prayers and hymns
Inadequate to suffice

Arriving there is no resting
For we have never left
Another platform passing through
On our way
To somewhere else

Our restless selves
Anxious to find some place to rest
Have not learnt that to disembark and settle
We have to lose sight of the station

And accept where we are


  1. I really enjoyed this and it depicts the different stations in life. It reminds me of a poem written by my father which I posted a little while ago 'El Viaje the la Vida' (The Journey of Life) it is in Spanish but you can use the translator if you wnat o t have a look. I think you would enjoy it, it is a powerful piece.

    1. Thanks Yolanda. I notice one of your poems was a finalist on Google + - congratulations. That is great