Monday, August 12, 2013

Memories - No 2

Compressed snippets
Of stark recall
Previous scraps missing in mists
Next scene lost on the cutting floor

Oddments of life
Pasted together
History of sundries
The preface of our present

Tenuous needle work of thoughts
Crocheted more holes than lace
Fagged treasures, fillers
In the drawers of our life

Scent of camphor
Washed in tears
Dried in the heat of our rage
Memories leeched of reality

Obsequious slaves to pasts
Worshiping backwards
Chanting stale repetitions of yesteryear
Memories trick for redemption

Memories bless us with the ability
To stay stuck in our present
And grieve our futures
Our ‘could have beens’ but for what was

Would we risk facing forward
Would we with grace give thanks?
And hold our memories light
Knowing they are the oddments of our life

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