Monday, August 19, 2013

First Love

Ponderings from Beaufort St – 19th August 2013

He smiled a thousand smiles
A childhood smile of sheer delight
Navigating the first awkward steps
Of walking hand in hand

He held her hand with proud resolve
A knight in school uniform
He’d risked his heart
Now held his prize with slight surprise

He held her hand with eyes alert
In case he had to step aside
The pride was for himself
Not her.

He held her hand, but not too close
Their bodies did not touch, for
Lust and desire had not closed
The corners of his smile

They walked hand in hand
Old enough to love
Young in uniforms
Of segregated schools

Somewhere on the way to school
Tomorrow or Wednesday
Thursday or Friday
He will take a step

And cross the Rubicon into maleness
Innocent love will entwine with lust
And love being not so innocent
May be less willing to risk his heart

And she?  Will she find
Another knight and
Search his eyes to see

That smile of a thousand smiles

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