Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Early Morning Start

Pondering from Beaufort St – 20th August 2013

Parrots screech in drunken hilarity
Drinking nectar of flowering flame trees
Soon they’ll turn to squawking drunks
Shrieking obscenities into sunlit space

Crows with laryngitis
Cough to clear their throats
To see if they can sing arpeggios
Instead of coughing croaking caws.

A harried scraggy mother magpie
Chased by hungry adolescent
Eating worms on the run
To try and get some space

A huddle of teenage boys
Blink and grunt in monosyllabic tones
Stunned to see the morning light
When their body’s clocks still say night

Adults sit hunched over coffee cups
Addicts inhaling steam
Waiting, delaying

The early morning start

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