Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dialogue on Love No 5

He walked beside me
A silent presence
Out of step
His left to my right
His breath percolated steam

Wet roads
Shards of fractured street light
Jaundiced yellow in black puddles
Silence except for footfall and the
Shhhhhing of cars slipping by

The fag end of pre-night
When sensible people sleep
And insensible wait
In somnolent restlessness
The resurrection of drugs

Past lines of girls
Calves taut
Feet nailed in heels too high
Or perhaps its more girl calves
Doe eyed, hoping tonight’s the lucky night

Chaperoned by pubescent studs
Testosterone fuelled but potency limp
Till beaten with Johnny Walker’s cane
And delusions of their size
Their rods will rise

We walk
His silent presence
Out of step
His right to my left
Turning he asks

What are you looking for?
Love, my reply
He caught my eye and held my gaze
Is it love when we walk in step?
He turned into a shadow street

And left me standing incomplete

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