Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blue Sky

In 2012 my youngest daughter and I trekked through the Western MacDonald Ranges near Alice Springs.  The skies were magnificent, in fact indescribable.  Not that it has stopped me trying!

It started powder blue
In reality it started grey
Then turned to powder baby blue
With the hint of yellow

As if transformed by yellow’s touch
It deepened into cornflower blue
An upside down field
Of bluest blue

As day aged
It gained depth
And baby blues and cornflower blues
Of childhood were left behind

Deepening into azure
As it reached its pinnacle
Aging blue gave
Clarity and clearness

Cathedral dome
Of infinite beauty
We trudged through your nave
Seeking solace from the weight we carried

Having reached our daily rest
We wait your final transformation
Where azure slips into sapphire blue
With hints of royal indigo

Royal indigo, the under garment
Covered with blue velvet
That darkens into cape of black
With iridescent diamonds

While your diamonds dance
With shimmering light
I, amazed at beauty’s blue

Close my eyes in sleep.