Thursday, August 8, 2013


We think we’ve heard
Sibilant rustlings of folding wings
Doubt befuddles our hope
Faith’s certainties bemused by our rationalities

Oscillations of anxiety and desire
Turning between the two
We parade our glorious uncertainties
Desiring to be clad in our theologies

We wait with bated breath
As our tired philosophies collapse
And convictions fragment under aging’s glare
Sulphuric laughter of our stripping through cracks is heard

When mirrors draped in black
Hides our fissured nakedness
We wish through dark crevasses to hear
The silent waves of bending wings

We wish to hear
Angelic wings
Reverberating on tympanic drum

And there is silence


  1. Stands up and gives a standing ovation :-)

  2. Thank you Yolanda, (for the other comments as well! :)) Hope the working week has wrapt up for you and you have a wonderful weekend.