Friday, August 9, 2013

Actually I don't

If  I could speak what would I say
What words would make amends

Non-vibrating vocal chords
No major opera originates

A minor scale squeaked out
Sandwiched between a smile

Mind rent in two
One half nice, one half not

If I would speak what could I say
What words would speak my truth

Perhaps I need to reframe

If I could sing what would I sing
If I would sing what could I sing

I’d sing my pain
In bass I’d sing its depth

Thought torn in three
Would I, could I and need I?

Perhaps I need to reframe

What does it matter?
For nothing will mend what isn't there

What isn't, wasn’t there
A shaky foundation built in silence

And pain?
A self-indulgent pass time

There is no need
To speak, to mend

No need
To sing of pain

What was, was
And has become what is

Would I go back
To what was?

Would that atone
For whom I am?

Does who I am
Need to be atoned

Unatoned and free to be
Disinterested in your opinion

Detached, why should I care?
Actually I don’t

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