Friday, August 9, 2013

A Mother's Love

Hooded eyes
Reptile cold
Glint in mesmerising smile
That bitter freezes

Forked tongue of love
Flicking kisses
Between acid bites
Drawing blood for sustenance

Constricted in your coils of old
Wrapt in your embrace
Tight and toxic
Travesty of a mothers embrace

You’re mine, my precious
My precious son
I gave you life
To give it back

Enthralled in my cold fury
Hypnotised by bewitching charm
You’ll feed me first your balls
On the plate of your maleness

Enfolded in my arms
I love you my son
I hate you
For you are male

I’ll take my time
My tail reaches from the grave
For worms may skeletonise my frame
But your balls are mine

Shaved eunuch, I’ve had my fun
You’ll know my frozen rage
You’ll know my impotent fury
You’re my revenge

You’re my son
I love you
I hate you

You’re a man

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