Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Final Words

He was the chosen one
He was the only one
The father’s perfect choice
The son who he could sacrifice
On the alter of his perfection

Perfection requires no memory
The son, an inconvenient memorial
To his father’s sexuality
The father’s Father would have forgiven
But he would not forgive himself

Instead, determined to wrong his rights
And infanticide not allowed
He chose to kill the soul
Of his son,
His only one.

He pillaged and plundered
In the name of holy sanctity
Ransacking his son’s privacy
Fearful and afraid
The devil had got there first

The cup of blessing he passed to son
Fire rimmed in hellish flame
Was laced with guilt and shame
The son, his plundered soul
In love did drink

When fathers Father turned his back
And rageful perfection was not enough
To translate to eternities gates
Age in decrepit steps
Slid skin from bony frame

The son in pity spoke again
I love you
Three times affirmed his love
Father’s perfectly cold eyes
Affirmed three times
It is not enough

And there was silence


  1. David, my heart breaks for you. Heart wrenching. Be proud of the man you have become, xx

    1. Thank you Yolanda, you have a wonderful weekend. David, xx