Thursday, July 11, 2013

Make Believe

Let’s play at make believe
Tell me your name
But not your name
Make up a name
It’s make believe

Tell me your story
The good bits and the glad
Don’t tell your sadness
Your shadow, hide
It’s make believe

Tell me you love me
I’m special and unique
I’m the one and only
It matters
It’s make believe.

Why let reality
Spoil love’s fantasy
And realism
Soil the imagery
Of make believe

I promise this
If you spoil my fantasy of love
I’ll retaliate and wreck revenge
And that will be

No make believe.


  1. I so enjoyed this one ... it depicts well the games people play in love.

    1. Thanks Yolanda, yes the games of make believe that sadly can end up so vicious and ugly. Thank you